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LC08-001 - CentOS 8 64bit Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide


EOL (End Of Life)
This template is no longer available for creating new Cloud Servers.


CentOS (an acronym for Community enterprise Operating System) is an operating system designed to offer an enterprise level platform for anyone who wants to use GNU/Linux for professional purposes. It is a Linux distribution that comes from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, with which it tries to be totally compatible; for this reason, CentOS might be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get an enhanced GNU/Linux system quickly, with the following benefits, among many more.
As required by the GNU General Public License and other licenses, all the source code is made publicly available by Red Hat. The developers of CentOS use this code to create a product very similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, making it available free of charge to download and use, but without the support offered by Red Hat.
Version 8 includes lots of new features, from the adoption of the 4.x kernel, to the introduction of systemd as the system and service manager.


Administrative access is provided via SSH, with the root username and the password chosen during setup.


There are no particular customization options on this template, as this is a minimal CentOS installation that leaves space for any type of use.

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