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Debian, created by the Debian Project, is an operating system for computers made up only of free software, although, by adding the appropriate repositories, you can also use proprietary software or free software based on software that is not free. It has been developed thanks to the collaboration of volunteers from all over the world, and offers more than just a simple operating system; it is distributed with more than 29,000 packages, programs that have already been compiles and packaged to permit easy installation.
The main format, Debian GNU/Linux, uses Linux as the kernel (the central part of an operating system) and utility programs from the GNU project. This is why it is called GNU/Linux.
The name Debian was thought up by the founder of the project, Ian Murdock, by combining his own first name with the first three letters of his then girlfriend (now ex-wife) Debra.


Administrative access is provided via SSH, with the root username and the password chosen during setup.


There are no particular customization options on this template, as this is a minimal Debian installation that leaves space for any type of use.

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