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Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS 64bit - Nextcloud Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide


This template is based on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS and offers the Nextcloud suite with integrated document processing software.

Nextcloud is an open source web platform which runs via browser, offering remote archiving, editing and data sharing services. Integrated with applications such as OnlyOffice and Collabora Online, the application works in a similar way to Google Suite (Google Drive), MS Office 365/Teams, Dropbox, Wetransfer, allowing people to share and work on the same documents at the same time, work together using chat, videocalls or workgroups (contacts, calendars, mail), all privately and with the user retaining complete control of data uploaded. Open APIs mean that it can be integrated with existing open and privately owned IT systems such as Active Directory, external storage, other cloud, educational and collaboration platforms, turning it into an actual gateway through which you can use all the services required for individual and group work. Nextcloud was born from a branch of ownCloud and was created by the original developer of the initial project, who actively develops and maintains it alongside other members of the original ownCloud team.
Nextcloud is aimed at private users and companies who do not want to entrust their personal data to third party control. Nextcloud is free to use and guarantees the administrator full control of data. One of its strengths is its ease of use, meaning that its multiple features are ready to use in a matter of minutes.

The main features are:
  • Multi-platform: works on the main desktop operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile devices (iOS and Android);
  • Runs via browser (chrome, explorer, firefox, safari);
  • Mobile apps available for Android and iOS;
  • Option to snyc on Desktop and mobile devices;
  • Chrome extensions available;
  • Drag-Drop for simple uploading of files and folders.
Tools included:
  • Simultaneous display and editing of documents by multiple users via the pre-installed ONLYOFFICE app;
  • Gallery for image files;
  • Groups and Users with specific file permissions;
  • Storage quota for individual users;
  • Data sharing on main social networks or websites;
  • App Gallery with many additional features. See example:
Software is installed using SNAP packages from the official Ubuntu Repository. OnlyOffice Document Server installed directly from App Gallery.

Fail2ban is installed on this template for protection from brute force attacks on port 22 and mail server ports.


Administrative access is provided via SSH, with the root username and the password chosen during setup.
Nextcloud can be accessed from the link https://IPSERVER using a login interface both for administrative access (admin user and password chosen during setup) and for users created by the administrator.


The right icon in the top browser bar takes you to the menu from which you can use dedicated submenus to configure the installation settings, add new features/extensions or create new users.
For more details on use, see the guide provided by the developer:
To guarantee protected access to your data, we recommend reading the following guidelines:

Fail2ban is installed on the server for protection from brute force attacks on port 22

The open ports for this template are:
80 TCP
443 TCP
22 TCP

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