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LU22-001 - Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS 64bit Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide


Based on Debian, renowned for its strength as a server system, the Server edition of Ubuntu inherits fantastic performance and predictable evolution. The first version of Ubuntu to have a separate server .was 5.10, released in October 2005.
Compared to the 10.04 LTS version, «Ubuntu Server Edition» adds support for many typical configurations, bringing Ubuntu’s famed simplicity from a desktop to a server environment. The new «Ubuntu Server Edition» provides an excellent platform for developing servers with the most common internet services: email, web, DNS, file servers or databases.
Fully compatible: using Ubuntu Server does not require having Ubuntu on individual clients. All computers, whether they operate with Gnu/Linux or not, can share authentication, swap files and access resources, using Open LDAP, Likewise-Open and PAM as standard.

Fail2ban is available on this template. See the tutorial for further details.


Administrative access is provided via SSH, with the root username and the password chosen during setup.


There are no particular customization options on this template, as this is a minimal Ubuntu Server installation that leaves space for any type of use.

Fail2ban Enabled:
  • Retry: 5
  • Find Time 60min
  • Ban Time 60min
Firewall UFW: Only open on port 22.

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