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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS 64bit - MinIO Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide


This template is based on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS distribution and integrates MinIO software as native binary software at service level. MinIO offers the option of object storage and is compatible with the S3 protocol. MinIO is 100% open source and is released under license GNU AGPL v3. Users, permissions, buckets and much more can be set up and managed via web interface.

Fail2ban is available on this template. See the tutorial for further details.


The MinIO web interface can be accessed via browser on the main IP of the VM at: https://IPSERVER:9100.
Using compatible S3 protocol, it is possible to connect on the main IP to the S3 Storage service at the IPSERVER:9000 address.
Example: if the server address is IP you can connect to the web interface connecting from the browser to the address
Login is possible both on the web interface and using the S3 connector using the root username and password chosen during setup.
The certificate entered is generated when setting up the VM and is self signed.
Further guidelines for setting up personal certificates and other options can be found in the official documentation on page:


Fail2ban is installed on the server for protection from brute force attacks with the following parameters:
  • Retry: 5
  • Find Time: 60min
  • Ban Time: 60min
The service ports open on the UFW Firewall are:
  • 22 TCP
  • 443 TCP
  • 9000 TCP [S3 service]
  • 9100 TCP [Web Console]

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