Job: select scheduling options

For the fourth step in creating a Job, you will see the following "CREATE BACKUP JOB / Job schedule" window.

If you do not change anything, the Job will not run.

If you choose the option "Run the job automatically" you can set the backup to run on one or more days of the week or the month.
  • The "Daily at this time" option lets you choose a time and the day (or days) of the week when you want to run the Job. You can then set between one and seven days a week.
  • The "Monthly at" option lets you choose a time, the day and the month (or months) when you want to run the Job. So you can set just one day a month, for one or more months.
Automatic retry:
if you have selected automatic backups, you can change the maximum number of attempts to run a Job if it fails, and the time between a fail and another attempt.
Backup windows:
another option available (if you have activated scheduling) is to stop running the Job if it has not finished at set times. Click on "Window...",

a window will appear showing the graph below. Click the radio button "Denied" to choose the hours during which you do not want a Job to run. To re-enable time periods that you have previously excluded, use the "Permitted" option.
Once you have completed the necessary fields, you can go to the next step by clicking on "Next >".
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