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1.1 Cloud DBaaS (Database as a Service)

Aruba Cloud DBaaS is a PaaS (Platform as a service) that provides customers with a database or dedicated instance to manage data in the Cloud, without having to worry about infrastructure management, including hardware provisioning, engine configuration, updates and backups.

Cloud DBaaS solutions are ideal for supporting all types of business applications, thanks to its high performance, extensive resources, integrated security and maximum compatibility.

Choosing a cloud database means you can reduce infrastructure costs and focus your efforts on developing applications.


Cloud DBaaS offers customers two kinds of database.
MySQL is an open source system for managing relational databases.

It lets you store, recover, modify and manage a database, offering a wide selection of built-in tools to design and model databases.

Its simplicity and high performance have made it one of the most popular systems with users.
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system. Perfect for developing simple and complex applications, it offers an effective way to manage large volumes of data, guaranteeing excellent performance and high security standards.

You can manage any kind of project using a database with shared or dedicated resources, with the server edition most suited to the development of your application.
Versions available
MySQL 5.7
Versions available
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - Web Edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - Standard Edition
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 - Enterprise Edition

Shared or dedicated resources

When activating the Cloud DBaaS service, you can choose the type of resources.
  Plan with SHARED resources Plan with DEDICATED resources
MySQL Microsoft SQL Server MySQL Microsoft SQL Server
Databases 1 1 unlimited unlimited
Users 1 1 unlimited unlimited
Licenses 1 1 1 from 4 to 16
Simultaneous connections 30 30 50 per GB of RAM unlimited
vCPUs shared resource shared resource from 1 to 24 from 4 to 16
RAM (GB) shared resource shared resource from 1 to 72 from 12 to 50
Storage (GB) from 1 to 100 from 1 to 100 from 10 to 500 from 100 to 1,000
Automatic backups Daily - 7 day data retention Daily - 7 day data retention
Manual backups Unlimited Unlimited