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Backup > 6 - Bare Metal Restore > Recover the parameters to perform a Bare Metal Restore

6.5.1 Recover the parameters to perform a Bare Metal Restore

 ATTENTION: we remind you that this recovery process is only valid if you have NOT changed the password in the Control Panel.
During the recovery process of a Bare Metal backup, you need to enter the following values:
  • Vault IP - the IP address where to recuperate the Bare Metal backup;
  • Account - the Control Panel account;
  • Username - the username of the Control Panel;
  • Password - lthe password of the Backup Account;

To view the "Vault IP", "Account" and "Username" parameters proceed as follows:
  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Select the "Policies" section.

  • From the "Actions" list, found on the left, select "Create Policy".

  • Go to the "Vaults" tab.

  • The "Available Site Vault Profiles" window will display the details below:
  • Name: the name to use both for the "Account" and "Username";
  • Network address: the IP address to enter in "Vault IP";

Once the details have been recuperated, exit the "Vaults" section without making any changes by using the "Cancel" button.

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