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6.05 Initialize a Cloud VPS: restore to original conditions Cloud Server Smart service guide

We remind you that INITIALIZING is irreversible, in fact all the data found in the Cloud VPS will be permanently deleted.

The INITIALIZATION consists in resetting the disk space and the template of the Cloud VPS. This operation can only be performed with the Cloud VPS switched off and snapshots disabled.

What does the initialization not change:

The system will maintain the package (vCPU/RAM/HD) set when the initialization request is submitted, not that which is chosen when creating the Cloud VPS. The public IP address assigned to the Cloud VPS will remain the same. Any scheduled tasks associated with the Cloud VPS will remain active.
Service Confirmed
Package (vCPU/RAM/HD)  
Public IP  
Scheduled Tasks  

What does the initialization change:

Any Balancers connected to the Cloud VPS will need to be reconnected following the initialization. You may need to reconfigure the monitoring settings. If Plesk licenses have been installed in the Cloud VPS, these will need to be installed again following the initialization.
Service Resettato
Cloud Monitoring  
Plesk Licenses  


In order to initialize a Cloud VPS, go to the Server detail page in the Control Panel and proceed as follows:
  • make sure there are no snapshots active on the machine;
  • switch off the Cloud VPS with the SWITCH OFF button;
  • click on INITIALIZE;
  • assign a new password to the Cloud VPS (you can even use the original password), then click on Initialize to proceed, or Cancel to cancel the operation;
  • if you proceed, a modal window will open asking you to confirm the action;
  • confirm and click on OK.