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1.5 Export and import a DNS

From the Control Panel you can export and import text files with the configurations of the Records.

Export the records of a DNS in a text file

  • Go to the "Edit - Manage Record" section of the DNS service that you wish to export,

  • click on the "Export" button.

  • A "records.txt" file will be generated with the configurations of that specific DNS.

Import a text file with the records of a DNS

  • Go to the "Edit - Manage Record" section of the DNS service that you wish to import,

  • click on the "Import" button.

  • A page will appear in which you need to select the .txt file appropriately coded and confirm your choice.
  • If the operation is not successful we recommend that you check the parameters entered in the .txt file you are trying to upload.

Coding of "records.txt" file

This is an example of a file generated for a DNS associated with the domain

A     86400
AAAA   2001:0db8:85a3:08d3:1319:8a2e:0370:7344 86400
CNAME 86400
TXT    Located in an Italian server farm       86400
MX        86400   70
MX   86400   20
NS   888
SOA 0 28800 7200 604800 86400     86400
SRV     5 80       86400   20
SPF        v=spf1 -all   86400

The various parameters of each record are separated by (][) spaces and (<>) spacing tabs and the records are coded as follows:

For more information on the various Records see the specific guides.