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1.3 Register a Domain Name

The registration of a Domain Name is made by following these three simple Steps:
  • Step 1: select and check the Domain Name
  • Step 2: select the additional services and enter details of the owner
  • Step 3: select the authoritative DNS that you wish to use
To complete the registration of a Domain Name proceed as follows:
  • log in the Control Panel using your credentials,
  • click on "CLOUD Domain Center",
  • check that you are in the "Domains" section of the "Services" left menu
  • then click on the "Add New Domain" button.
  • Step 1 of 3: enter a second level Domain Name and select one of the available extensions, then select the "Verify" button to proceed,
  • after verifying that the Domain is available you can decide whether to leave the additional services (Automatic Renewal and Whois Privacy) selected and enabled or whether to disable them, in this second case simply remove the check from the respective boxes..
  • Click on "Continue" to proceed.
  • Step 2 of 3: a page will appear requesting the details of the Domain owner. These details will be sent to the competent Authority (controlling body for Domain registrations). After filling in the required details correctly select the "Continue" button to proceed to Step 3.
  • Step 3 of 3:
    In the last step you are required to decide which authoritative DNS you wish to use. There are two cases:
    • the Domain Name has not been associated to the DNS Service - the user can choose to use the Cloud DNS, by purchasing the DNS management service (Fig. 1) or to manage the DNS service directly through another Server by entering the authoritative NS (Name Server) through the "Use Custom DNS" (Fig. 2) button;

      [Fig. 1]

      [ Fig. 2]
    • the Domain Name has already been associated to the DNS service - in this case the user must provide Custom DNS (Fig. 3);

      [Fig. 3]
  • Click on "Register Domain" to complete the registration.
After completing the process the Domain will appear in the list of Domains managed through