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2.1 Creating a Storage account

Users can create one or more accounts to use the Object Storage service. To create an account, log in the Control Panel of the Object Storage service using your login details and proceed as follows:
  • select the "CLOUD Object Storage" option found in the menu at the top

  • click on "Object Storage Account" in the "Services" section of the left menu

  • you will reach the "Manage Storage Account" section

  • click on "Add New Account"

  • a page like the one below will appear

  • here you will need to select the:
  • Login details
    Each account needs to have an "Account Name " and a "Password". Only by using these login details can the account access the Aruba Object Storage service.
  • Region
    For each account that is created you need to indicate the "Region", the geographic area in which the information of the Object Storage service will be stored/saved. After the account has been created this parameter can no longer be changed.
  • Tariff plan
    When creating an account you are required to select a tariff plan for calculating the costs of the Object Storage service. There are two types of tariff plans: usage-based or package. The tariff plan can be changed at any time.
After entering the details you need to click on the "Create Account" button

and confirm the operation in the modal window that opens

by clicking the "OK" button.

Once the account has been created it will be displayed in the list of accounts found in the "Object Storage Account" section and from this section you can then manage the account.