STORAGE > Object Storage > Storage account > Creating a Storage account

2.1 Creating a Storage account

A user can create one or more account.

Create an Object Storage account as follows:
  • sign in to the Control panel;
  • select "STORAGE" from the horizontal menu;
  • in the "Manage Storage Account" section, click on "ADD NEW ACCOUNT";
  • this will take you to the "Create Object Storage Account" section, where you will be asked for the following details:
Each account requires an "Account Name" and "Password". These details are required to access the Object Storage service.
There cannot be two Object Storage accounts with the same name (account name) within the same region.
A "Region" must be provided for each account created, indicating the geographical area in which the data for the Object Storage service will be stored. This parameter cannot be altered after the account has been created.
When creating an account, you will be asked to select a price plan for paying the cost of using the Object Storage service.
You can change your price plan at any time.

Once you have finished entering the details, click on "CREATE OBJECT STORAGE ACCOUNT".

Confirm the action in the "Create Object Storage Account" pop up, clicking on "OK, CONFIRM".

Once an account has been created it will appear in the list of accounts displayed in the "Manage Storage Account" section, from which you manage your account.