3.2.3 How to set the vCPU size Cloud Server Pro service guide

The number of vCPUs that you can activate on each and every Cloud Server can vary from 1 to 16.
The number of vCPUs present can be changed at any time and for any need, either temporary or permanent.
The operation of increasing/decreasing the vCPUs requires the machine to be turned off.
The increase in the number of vCPUs significantly increases the processing power of the virtual machine.
Increasing the vCPU of a virtual machine to at least 2 Cores, that needs to contain multiple processes and/or activities at once: the increased vCPUs will facilitate the implementation and the disposal of any activity codes.

The number of vCPUs is closely connected to the use that the user intends to make of the Cloud Server.  Aruba recommends the following quantities:
Cloud Server Type vCPUs
minimum recommended
Web Server 1 2
Web Server LAMP 2 4
Web Server WAMP 2 4
Mail Server 1 2
Database Server 2 4
Storage Server 1 2
Virtual Desktop 1 2
Firewall 1 2
Servers dedicated to online Gaming 1 2
Basically Windows Operating Systems require more resources than Linux operating systems, even in terms of the number of vCPUs.

If you consider the vCPU to be too big it is always possible to reduce the number of cores.
It should be noted that if the Server Cloud is "archived" the cost of the vCPUs will not be subtracted from the credit for the entire archiving period and the related resources will be released. When restoring the number of vCPUs will have to be reconfigured.