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4.6 Resetting the access password

When you create a Cloud Server you will be prompted to choose an access password for the administrative user of the Cloud Server ("administrator" user for Windows operating systems and a "root" user for Linux operating systems). We have also emphasised the need to note this password because it cannot be changed after creation and cannot be recovered in any way. Being the password chosen by the user and saved in the Cloud Server created, it is not known, nor can it be recovered, by the Aruba Cloud Computing support service. If you lose the access password there is a risk of never being able to access the data contained in the Cloud Server, or even making the actual Cloud Server completely unusable.
However, depending on the operating system selected, there are certain rules to force the operating system to reset the password for the administrator user: In some cases the methods shown may not work and in any case it is never recommended that you force the operating system to reset the access password.