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12.2 Buying a Plesk license

A Plesk license purchased from the Control Panel can only be used on a Cloud Server within the Aruba Cloud infrastructure.

To purchase a Plesk license, follow these steps:
  • sign in to the Control Panel;
  • select "COMPUTING" from the menu;
  • select "Plesk Licenses" from the menu on the left under "LICENSES";
  • you will be taken to the "Plesk Licenses" page;
  • click on "ADD NEW PLESK LICENSE";
  • select the type of license and any extensions;
  • click on the "BUY LICENSE" button at the bottom of the page;
  • confirm the purchase by clicking on "OK, CONFIRM".
The new license will be listed in the "Plesk Licenses" section with the status "Creating" before switching to "Active".