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13.6 Deleting a Unified Storage Cloud Server Pro service guide

To delete a Unified Storage proceed as follows:
  • access the Control Panel using your credentials,
  • click on the "CLOUD Computing" tab,

  • select the data center from which you wish to delete the service,

  • select the "Unified Storage" option found in the "Network" section of the left menu,

  • select the Unified Storage service you wish to delete and click on the relevant "Manage" button,

  • after opening the technical details page click on the "DELETE" button,

  • a message will appear requesting you to click on the "Continue >>" button,

  • and then a confirmation request.

 ATTENTION: we remind you that the cancellation of the Unified Storage service is irreversible and involves permanently losing any files found in the corresponding storage space (regardless of the chosen protocol). If the customer has activated only one Unified Storage service (regardless of the chosen protocol) and proceeds to delete it, besides the storage space, the private VLAN connected to the service will also be cancelled.