1.2 Create a Virtual Private Cloud

To understand the differences between Virtual Private Clouds, please see the guide.

To create a Virtual Private Cloud:
  • go to the Control Panel;
  • select COMPUTING from the menu;
  • select the Data Center;
  • go to Manage in the VIRTUAL PRIVATE CLOUD section in the left menu;
  • this takes you to Manage;
Creating a Virtual Private Cloud involves the following steps:

1 - Creating a service

Service details

The following details are required:
  • Service name: the name which identifies the Virtual Private Cloud.
    No two Virtual Private Clouds with the same name can exist within the same network.
  • Username: to be used to access the service via the VMware Cloud Director web console; the password can be set later from Manage password.
  • Telephone: contact phone number.
  • Email: email address.
    Contact details may be used by our technicians to contact the customer (it is advisable to enter the details of the technical contact); these can be edited after the Virtual Private Cloud has been activated using the edit option.

2 - Creating a new Virtual Data Center (VDC)

Configuring a VDC

The following details are required:
  • VDC name: the name which identifies the Virtual Data Center.
    No two Virtual Data Centers with the same name can exist within the same Virtual Private Cloud.

  • Select one of the types of Virtual Data Center:
    • Standard - Starting from the basic configuration, additional resources and services can be added to create a custom VDC.
    • Business Continuity - Computational resources (vCPU and RAM) totally redundant between two or more Data Centers operating synchronously.
    • Disaster Recovery - Create a VDC as a Disaster Recover environment with a solution:
      • Best effort - vCPU 50% guaranteed and RAM available for only 5 days a month.
      • Guaranteed resources - vCPU 100% guaranteed and RAM always available.

  • Resources: the computational resources (vCPU, RAM, storage) to associate with the Virtual Private Cloud service, are listed here. These resources will be the same ones available within the VMware Cloud Director web console and can be edited after the Virtual Private Cloud has been activated using the edit option.
    For technical specifications and rules for creating vCPU, RAM and storage, please see the guides.
  • Network resources: the network resources are listed here. Each Virtual Private Cloud is created with 5 VLANs and a shared public network with 4 public IPs and firewall protection. One or more dedicated public networks can be added. More VLANs can be requested, if required, by contacting support.
    For rules on creating/configuring a shared or dedicated network, please see the guide.

Additional VDC services

Virtual Private Cloud standard / Virtual Private Cloud in Business Continuity
Select an additional Veeam Cloud Bare Metal Backup service to perform backups based on images remotely from their virtual Private Cloud servers, working closely with a virtualization hypervisor (VMware). No connection agent needs to be installed on the VMs being protected.

Virtual Private Cloud for Disaster Recovery
Select one of the software options to replicate hypervisor-based data to guarantee Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR):
  • Zerto Cloud DRaaS - Using hypervisor-based replicated data, the complexity of Disaster Recovery and hardware costs protecting mission-critical virtualized applications, can be reduced.
  • Veeam Cloud Connect (DRaaS) - Veeam Cloud Connect Replication can only be used for replication from on-premises architecture (or Hosted Private Cloud) towards Virtual Private Cloud.
  • VMware vCAv (DRaaS) - VMware vCloud Availability (vCAV) is the Disaster Recovery solution for VMs and vApps, for replication of cloud environments or on-premises infrastructures on Private Cloud.

Do you want to create another Virtual Data Center?

Other Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) can be configured within your Virtual Private Cloud. Configuration is performed in the same way as detailed in Configuring a VDC.
For further technical and sales information, please contact our team of experts.