Jelastic Cloud account > Edit a tariff plan

2.3 Edit a tariff plan

If you have chosen to delete a Jelastic Cloud account with a price plan, by choosing the "Delete the Jelastic service and data at the end of the pre-paid period" option you will not be permitted to edit the account (see the guide to the rules). To edit the Jelastic Cloud account you will need to cancel the deletion.
Before editing a Jelastic Cloud account with a price plan, we recommend that you read the guide to the rules carefully.

You can only edit a tariff plan if you have selected a price plan. Users with an active price plan can choose to:
  • upgrade the plan (for Small and Medium plans);
  • change what happens to their plan if they exceed the resource limit for their plan;
  • switch to a pay-per-use plan.
    Remember that switching from a price plan to a pay-per-use plan cannot be reversed.
Users can edit the tariff plan for each Jelastic Cloud account at any time.

To edit the tariff plan, go to the technical datasheet for the Jelastic Cloud account by clicking on "MANAGE" in the "Manage Jelastic Cloud Account" section.

This takes you to the technical datasheet for the service.

Click on "Edit" above "JELASTIC PLAN STATUS".

The "Edit tariff plan" section will appear.

Click on "SAVE CHANGES" to confirm the change made.

Then click on "CONFIRM" in the "Edit tariff plan"window.