Jelastic Cloud account > Edit the email address for a Jelastic Cloud account

2.4 Edit the email address for a Jelastic Cloud account

If you have chosen to delete a Jelastic Cloud account with a price plan, by choosing the "Delete the Jelastic service and data at the end of the pre-paid period" option you will not be permitted to edit the account (see the guide to the rules). To edit the Jelastic Cloud account you will need to cancel the deletion.
Remember that you cannot use the same email address for different Jelastic Cloud accounts. See the guide to the rules.

To change the email address connected to the Jelastic Cloud account click on "MANAGE" in the "Manage Jelastic account" section.

This takes you to the technical datasheet for the service.

Click on "EDIT EMAIL", to the right of the "JELASTIC PLAN STATUS" area .

The "Edit Jelastic email" window will appear.

Enter the new email address, check the box to confirm that you have read the privacy policy and confirm the change by clicking on "OK, CONFIRM".