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2.3 Managing authorized IP addresses

Remember that all users need to have an authorized IP address to be able to access the database.

The DBaaS with shared resources service includes the option of managing up to two authorized IP addresses per individual user, whilst with the service with dedicated resources, an unlimited number of authorized IP addresses (and any subnets) can be managed for an unlimited number of users.
  Shared resources Dedicated resources
Authorized IPs * 2 unlimited
Authorized IPs with subnets **    
Users 1 unlimited
* example IP address
** example IP/CIDR address
Use the "MANAGE"button to sign in to the technical datasheet for the Cloud DBaaS service which you want to manage the authorized IP addresses for.

Click on "Authorized IPs" under the name of the service.

The operations that can be performed on an authorized IP address are listed below.
To add an authorized IP:
  • At the start of the "Authorized IPs", section, click on "ADD IP ADDRESS".
  • The following windows will open
    • "Add an IP address" (if resources are shared);
    • "Add an IP address or block IP addresses" (if resources are dedicated);
    where you are asked to enter an IP address, assign it to a user and enter a description.
  • Click on "OK, CONFIRM" to finish.
  • The IP address added will appear in the list in the "Authorized IPs" area.
Removing an IP address will prohibit the assigned user from accessing the database.

To remove an authorized IP:
  • In the "Authorized IPs" section, find the IP address you want to remove, place the mouse over the "ACTIONS" button and select "Remove IP address".
  • The "Confirm IP removal" window will open. Copy and paste the text displayed and confirm by pressing "OK, REMOVE".
  • The IP address removed will no longer appear in the "Authorized IPs" list.
To edit the description of an authorized IP:
  • In the "Authorized IPs" area, find the IP address you want to edit and place the mouse over the corresponding "ACTIONS" button and select "Edit description".
  • The "Edit description" window will open where changes can be made to the current description.
  • Click on "OK, CONFIRM CHANGES" to finish.
Authorized IP addresses cannot be changed (only the description can be edited). The only way to change an authorized IP address assigned to a user is to:
  • Remove the assigned authorized IP address;
    • Add a new authorized IP and assign it to a user;
    • Or, assign one of the already authorized IP addresses to the user.