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2.5.2 Manual backups (on-demand)

To back up the database manually:
  • In the "Databases" area, find the database you want to back up, hover the mouse over the "ACTIONS" button next to it and select "Backup Database".
  • The "Start database backup" pop-up window will appear, showing the name and size of the database and the cost of the backup.
  • Click on "YES, CREATE DATABASE BACKUP" to finish.
  • While the backup is being created, "Backup in progress" will appear on the right of the database instead of the "ACTIONS" button.
  • The backup created will be listed in the "Backups" section as "On Demand".
BACKUP ALL DATABASES (only for Cloud DBaaS with dedicated resources)
In the beginning of the "Databases" area, there will be a "BACKUP ALL DBS" button that lets you create a manual backup for every single database.