2.2.2 Price plans

Before choosing a price plan, we recommend that you read the guide to the rules carefully.

When you choose a price plan, the user pays for the service in advance for a set volume of resources to be used in 30 days. The price plans are structured as follows:
Price Plan Cloudlets per Environment Environment Storage Public IP address
Small 12 (9 Reserved + 3 Dynamic) 1 10 GB included 1
Medium 15 (11 Reserved + 4 Dynamic) up to 2 100 GB included 1
Large 21 (16 Reserved + 5 Dynamic) up to 3 150 GB included 1
When choosing a price plan, you can tell the system what to do if you exceed the prepaid resources. This option is available when creating an Application Platform Cloud account with a price plan, but can also be modified when editing the price plan.
Two options are available:
  • Pay according to a pay-per-use plan
    The system will calculate the extra resources (in excess of those included the Plan purchased) on a pay-per-use basis.
  • Prevent over-quota events
    The system sets limits on the plan you have purchased, which stops the user using more resources than have been purchased.
    Prevent over-quota events" option can only be selected when creating an account; this option cannot be chosen when editing your account. We recommend that you read the guide to the rules carefully.