1.1.1 Terms and their definitions

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

PaaS services mean that applications can be developed and tested without the burden of purchasing and managing the hardware and software that would be required.
CaaS (Container as a Service)

CaaS services mean that you can use container virtualization platforms without the burden of purchasing and managing hardware and software.
Cloudlets are the unit of measurement for resources consumed in Application Platform. Each Cloudlet corresponds to 128 MB of RAM and 400 MHz of CPU power.
Reserved Cloudlets
These are reserved in advance and will be charged regardless of how many resources have actually been used.

Dynamic Cloudlets
Application Platform will automatically manage usage according to how many resources the application needs depending on the configuration: they are used when the load increases then removed as soon as it goes down.
Refers to the environment that will host the application. An Environment consists of nodes at different levels of the application. The different types of node found are the following:
  • Balancing.
  • Application Servers.
  • Cache.
  • Databases (SQL, NoSQL).
  • Additional Options (Storage, VPS, Build Node, SSL).
  • Docker Engine.
Refers to the resources used over and above the plan that you have. You can choose between:
  • Pay-per-use - In this case, the resources over and above your quota are paid for according to a Pay-per-use rate.
  • Avoid Overquota - In this case, restrictions are imposed on the plan you have selected that mean you cannot use more resources than those included. The restrictions are:
    • A reduction in the maximum number of cloudlets per environment.
    • A reduction in the maximum number of nodes per environment.
    • A reduction in the physical space available for each node in the environment.
Templates are available in the Marketplace that let you automatically create clusters for a wide variety of applications (MongoDB, MySQL, Kubernetes, WordPress, etc.).
Application Platform Cloud offers its users the Marketplace, a dedicated area where you can choose and install the following in a few simple steps:
  • Applications.
  • Add-Ons.
  • Docker Containers.