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12.3 Deleting a Plesk license

You can delete a Plesk license, or that is, choose not to renew it on expiry, from the Control Panel.
To continue:
  • sign in to the Control Panel using your log in details: account name (AWI-12345) and password;
  • select "Plesk License" in the left menu and click on "MANAGE" next to the Plesk License you wish to delete;
  • click on "DELETE" under "MANAGE PLESK LICENSE";
  • paste the text which appears in the field into the window and click on "OK, DELETE" to confirm.
By deleting the license, Plesk will no longer work and it will no longer be possible to access the management and configuration tools. You will no longer be able to manage your customers and related domains and websites via Plesk without first installing a valid license.
Plesk licenses are valid for 30 days from the activation date: once deleted, a license will remain active and valid until the expiry of the license, but it will no longer be possible to access the Plesk control panel on the Cloud Server.
Deleting a Plesk license does not automatically delete Plesk from the Cloud Server; this must be done by the user manually.