3.2.5 How to set the hard disk sizes Cloud Server Pro service guide

The primary hard disk (HD), on the machine, has an initial capacity of 30 GB (with a Windows Operating System) and 10 GB (with a Linux Operating System), while additional ones (HD1, HD2, HD3) start from 10 GB.

Both can be expanded, in minimum increments of 10 GB, up to 500 GB, with the exception of primary disks with a Linux Operating System on Hyper-V: in this case, the capacity is currently limited to 120 GB.

The storage provided is allocated on a high performance SAN (double controllers and disks in RAID configuration) and automatic data replication systems are in operation. These features guarantee high quality services and security.

Remember that if the virtual machine is archived, the cost of the disk space will be deducted from the credit for the entire archive period: the reason for this is that the resources for physical space are not released during the archiving. The data contained in them will always be available when restoring the virtual machine.
 WARNING: since you cannot reduce the size of a disk after creating the Cloud Server, we recommend that you don't initially oversize the disks to your actual needs. Reducing disk space, even if partially used, it is not possible. The capacity reduction involves removing the existing partition and the subsequent creation of a new partition, with the consequent loss of all the data contained therein.