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8.1.4 Downloading preconfigured disk images Cloud Server Pro service guide

On Aruba Cloud Computing you can upload images of virtual disks supplied directly from sites such as SUSE and Bitnami: the virtual machines provided by these sites are compatible with the Aruba Cloud Computing uploading system. Other sites provide images of virtual disks such asi Webuzo or VMware Marketplace and most of these are compatible with the system provided by Aruba Cloud Computing: however, it is recommended that you first perform an upload test, or download different versions also provided by different sites.

To download disk images from the web and then load them into the Aruba Cloud Computing system, given the size of the files and the slowness of the shared Internet connections, can take a long time and use the connection for the entire time needed. Vice versa, by using the entire Aruba Cloud Computing bandwidth available to you makes this very simple and achievable in a few minutes:
  1. Create any Cloud Server even with the minimum resources with the same account (e.g. AWI-12345) that you hold. If you already have a Cloud Server with access to the Internet (and therefore with an associated public IP) you don't have to create a new Cloud Server.
  2. After you have created access to the Cloud Server via the browser login to the site or the address of the image to be downloaded and download it. The download will be fast because the entire bandwidth capacity is used.
  3. Install an FTP Client on the Cloud Server and login to the FTP provided for your account AWI-12345. Upload the image directly into the FTP area for the Cloud Server also in this case using the entire bandwidth available.
  4. If not required, delete the specifically created Cloud Server.