8.1.2 Formats accepted Cloud Server Pro service guide

Formats for images of virtual disks that can be managed and valid for our system, change according to the Hypervisor.
In the case of VMware hypervisors .vmdk files can be managed.
In the case of Hyper-V Hypervisors .vhd files can be managed.
In both cases the files may not exceed 500 GB.

The following checks are made on the uploaded images:

Virtual disk images for VMware Hypervisors:
  1. If the disk image comprises multiple files (header files and data files) it checks that both data files are present (this check is not carried out for MonolithicSparse and StreamOptimized images which only comprise one file).
  2. The image must belong to one of these types:
    • MonolithicFlat
    • MonolithicSpars
    • StreamOptimized
    • Vmf
    • VmfsSparse
  3. The Header description for the disk must be valid.
  4. The controller must be a "LSI Logic SCSI controller Parallel " (dll wrapper) type.
  5. The image must not exceed 500 GB (dll wrapper).
Images of virtual disks for HyperV Hypervisors
  1. Validity check on header and footer of the virtual disk. The validation process takes place by means of the checksum of the various sections of the disk: if they are not all in good order the disk image will be deemed corrupt.
  2. Dynamic or Fixed disk types are accepted, and Differencing disk types are excluded or disks that store the information by their difference from another disk (dll wrapper).
  3. The image must not exceed 500 GB (dll wrapper).