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6.02 FTP Service Management Cloud Server Pro service guide

Aruba Cloud Computing provides each account with an FTP storage space. Activating the service is the user's responsibility. The first 50 Gb of space are free. The user can increase the capacity of the FTP space by purchasing more sets of 10 Gb of space.
The FTP service consists in a remote disk space, accessible by the user using any FTP client, which allows you to export and import virtual disks and .iso images to and from our Cloud Computing service.

Procedure for activating and managing the FTP space

  • log in to Aruba Cloud Computing with your credentials.
  • click on ""FTP Service Management" in the menu on the left

  • you will reach the "FTP Service Management" page and see a screen like the one below

  • to activate the FTP space press the "ACTIVATE" button
  • at the end of the procedure the status will be "ACTIVE" and the value of 50 Gb of space available free of charge will be indicated

  • by going to the "Edit" page, using the button at the top right, you can choose to purchase more FTP space

  • the costs shown only relate to any increase of space over the initial 50 Gb and are calculated per hour

  • by clicking on the "Edit" button you will increase the capacity of the FTP Space by the chosen value

  • at any time users can access the specific section and check the amount of FTP Space that is available and occupied

  • should you want to reduce the capacity simply go to the "Edit" section and select a new value
  • it is only possible to reduce the FTP Space that is actually available at that time
In the event that the credit available to a user is used up the FTP Service will be reduced to the free initial 50 Gb. If the occupied space is greater than 50 Gb, the FTP Service will be suspended until the user deletes some data reducing it to less than 50 Gb. If the credit is not topped up for 30 days, the content of the FTP Space will be deleted. Once the user has topped up their credit they can purchase additional FTP Space from the specific section of the control panel.