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6.02 FTP Service Management Cloud Server Pro service guide

Only the following file formats can be uploaded into the FTP space:
  • .iso (only bootable images)
  • .vmdk
  • .vhd
No other types of files can be uploaded.

Aruba Cloud provides each account (AWI-12345) with an FTP storage space for each active data center. The service is activated by the user. The first 50 GB of space are free. The user can increase the capacity of the FTP space by purchasing more sets of 10 GB.
The FTP Service consists in a remote disk space, accessible by the user using any FTP client, which allows you to export and import virtual disks and .iso images to and from our Cloud Computing service.
  • sign in to the Control Panel;
  • select "COMPUTING" in the menu;
  • select "FTP Service Management" from the "TEMPLATE" section in the left menu;
  • this takes you to the "FTP Service Management" page;
  • the "FTP MANAGEMENT STATUS" page will be showing as "NOT ACTIVE";
  • click on the "ACTIVATE" button;
  • when activation is complete, the service status will be shown as "ACTIVE";
  • in the "FTP MANAGEMENT DETAILS" page, the amount of space and percentage used of the 50 GB will be displayed.
  • go to the "FTP Service Management" area;
  • click on "Edit" under "FTP Service Management";
  • from here you can increase the total capacity of the FTP space;
  • sets of 10 GB at a time can be purchased, up to a maximum of 600 GB;
    The cost of the service only relates to increases of space over the initial 50 GB and is calculated hourly.
    You can only reduce FTP space that is actually available at the time. This cannot be reduced below the initial (free) 50 GB.
  • set the chosen value and click on "EDIT";
  • the "Edit FTP Space" window will open asking you to confirm the action by clicking "OK, EDIT".
To access the FTP space, you will need:
  • login details, which can be found in "FTP Service Management" in the "TEMPLATE" section of the left-hand menu;
  • any FTP client (such as FileZilla, CoreFTP, Cyberduck).
Please note that files cannot be deleted from the FTP space (.iso, .vmdk and .vhd) via the Control Panel, but must be deleted manually by the customer.
In the event that the credit available is used up, the FTP Service will be reduced to the free initial 50 GB. If the occupied space is greater than 50 GB, the FTP Service will be suspended until the user deletes some data reducing it to less than 50 GB.
If the credit is not topped up for 17 days, the content of the FTP space will be deleted. Once the user has topped up their credit they can purchase additional FTP space.