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10.3 Set up Reverse DNS on a Public IP Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide

After purchasing a new Public IP (or even by using your existing IPs) you can set up the Reverse DNS service.
Reverse DNS allows you to resolve a Public IP address to a host (FQDN): this ensures  the Public IP address and the setup domain correspond.

Proceed as follows:
  • click "Details" of the Public IP;

  • a window related to the selected Public IP will open;

  • click "Edit";

  • then on the "Add hostname" button found in the "Reverse DNS" section;

  • in the "Hostmane 1" box enter a domain name ; it’s possible to enter multiple hostnames associated with one Public IP using the "Add hostname" button;

  • confirm the operation by clicking "Save and Apply";
  • a message will appear to confirm the operation informing you how long it will take to apply your changes, click "OK".

  • Once the changes are applied the status of the Public IP will change also in the initial page. The rDNS column will display "YES".

  • To remove a hostname associated with a Public IP the process is the same: simply remove the value from the "Reverse DNS" section.