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ATL-002 - CentOS 6.x 64bit - Tomcat Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide


EOL (End Of Life)
This template is no longer available for creating new Cloud Servers.


This image is a CentOS 6.x installation with Tomcat 7 Application Server.


It can be accessed through SSH with the username "root" and the relevant password.

To access Tomcat:

From here, two separate users have been created for access:

Server Status, Manager App username: tomcat-manager
password: same as the root password

Host Manager username: tomcat-admin
password: same as the root password


The image has the iptables firewall active and configured to only accept SSH (port 22) and HTTP (port 8080) connections.

Template version



Installed kernel 2.6.32-358* (improved integration with VMware and Hyper-V).
Disk timeout set to 180 seconds on Hyper-V and Low Cost Hyper-V.
Various optimizations.