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LC57-002 - CentOS 5.x 64bit Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide


EOL (End Of Life)
This template is no longer available for creating new Cloud Servers.


CentOS (stands for Community enterprise Operating System) is an operating system designed to provide an enterprise-class platform for anyone intending to use GNU/Linux for professional use. This is a Linux distribution that derives from Red Hat Enterprise Linux with which it seeks to be fully compatible; therefore CentOS can be an optimal solution for all those who want to quickly get a first class GNU/Linux system with countless benefits.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux is composed entirely of free software, but is made available in a usable form (such as binary CD-ROM) only for a fee. As required by the GNU General Public License and other licenses, all the source code is publicly available from Red Hat. CentOS developers use this code to create a product very similar to Red Hat Enterprise Linux by making it available for free download and use, but without the support offered by Red Hat.

How to access

Administrative access is provided via remote ssh, with the root user and the password selected during creation.


There are no special customisations on this template, this is a minimal install of Centos which leaves room for any type of use.

Packet versions

This template contains packets from Centos release 5.9 (Final), new versions of this template updated with new releases of Centos will be provided periodically.

Template version



Updated to lastest stable release (5.9)