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13.1 What is Unified Storage? Cloud Server Pro service guide

The Unified Storage service consists in providing shared Storage space for the Cloud Servers of users found in a specific data center.
A private VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is created associated to a Storage space, to which users can connect their Cloud Servers.

It is possible to activate various Unified Storages which can either be the same or with different space capacities and different network protocols.
The minimum amount of space upon activation is of 100 GB. It is possible to increase the capacity of the service both during activation and after; increases can be made for a minimum of 100 GB. Unified Storage has a capacity of up to 5.000 GB of storage space. With this service it is not possible to downgrade the capacity of the storage space.


Who is it recommended for?

Given the cost, and the technical skills required to manage this service, it is strictly aimed at the business world. If you need a shared storage space for standard use we recommend you choose the Object Storage solution.

Service costs

The service has a cost of 75,00 Euro per 30 days for the first 100 GB of space. Increases of 100 GB of storage space have an extra cost of 50,00 Euro per 30 days. The cost of the service is not altered by its use or by the protocol you select.