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1.3.1 Differences between Cloud Server Pro and Cloud Server Smart Cloud Server Pro service guide Cloud Server Smart service guide offers two different types of Cloud Servers: the Cloud Server Pro and Cloud Server Smart service. Compare the differences here below.
  Cloud Server Pro Cloud Server Smart
Plan Hourly / per 30 days / yearly Monthly per 30 days
Guaranteed performances  
Redundant hardware  
Choice of vCPU/RAM/HD Free choice Default amount
Template/OS 45 42
Type of Storage Redundant SAN On-board SSD
Virtual CD/DVD player  
Public IPs (IPv4) Up to 5 (1 free) 1 not editable (free)
IPv6 / 64 class per IPv4*    
Network adapters 3 1
Private network  
Bandwidth (In/Out) Unlimited Limited (monthly)
Hypervisor VMware, Hyper-V VMware
Uptime Monitoring 1 free probe Available for purchase
Usage Monitoring    
Plesk Licenses Available for purchase Available for purchase
Scheduled tasks**    
Disk Import/Export  
Unified Storage  
SLA 99,95% 99,80%
Consultation requests    
Free Support service    
* maximum limit of 16 IPv6 simultaneous in use; please contact support if you need to remove this limit.
** "Edit computational resources" not available for Cloud Server Smart.

The Cloud Server Smart represents a valid and quick alternative at a reduced cost to enter the world of Aruba Cloud.

In which cases is the Cloud Server Smart service the right choice?

  • if you need to create a development and testing environment;
  • if you don't require redundancy of the machine;
  • if you need high-performance storage (SSD);
  • if you need to limit the costs;
  • if you don't need customized templates;
  • if you don't need to include the server in a private network;