1.4 Delete a Virtual Private Cloud

To delete a Virtual Private Cloud, each individual Virtual Data Center contained in it must be deleted as follows:
  • go to the Control Panel;
  • select COMPUTING from the menu;
  • select the Data Center;
  • select Manage from the VIRTUAL PRIVATE CLOUD section in the left menu;
  • this takes you to Manage;
  • identify the Virtual Data Center you want to delete and click on the button next to it with three vertical dots and select Manage;
  • click on DELETE then confirm.
Deleting the Virtual Private Cloud service will also delete any connected Hybrid Link service.
A Virtual Private Cloud must contain at least 1 Virtual Data Center to remain active. If the Virtual Data Center deleted is the only one within your Virtual Private Cloud, the Virtual Private Cloud will also be deleted.
A Virtual Private Cloud will be deleted within 30 days. A message will be received in the Control Panel to confirm completion of the request.