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9.3.1 Creating a private network from the Control Panel Cloud Server Pro service guide

From the Control Panel you can create and manage the connections of the Cloud Servers belonging to a private network. The control panel lets you display all the connections for each element, both Cloud Servers and the Virtual Switch.
  1. Click on the tab "Manage" to display the list of Cloud Servers created; click on "Manage" in the line that corresponds to the first server that we want to connect to the Virtual Switch
  2. Scroll down the management page of the Cloud Server up to the "Network Adapter" section where 3 installed network adapters are listed.
  3. Click on the "Connect Virtual Switch" button of the network adapter that you want to use to connect to the Virtual Switch. To a Virtual Switch it will only be possible to connect the network interfaces to which a public IP address has NOT been assigned from the Control Panel.
  4. When prompted select the name of the Virtual Switch from the list to which you intend to connect the Cloud Server and confirm.
After a few moments the Cloud Server will be connected to the Virtual Switch.
To connect several Cloud Servers to the same Virtual Switch repeat the points listed above for all the individual Cloud Servers that you want to connect.
After creating the connections, and in any case before using the network, their configuration should be completed on each and every Cloud Server.

We remind you that the Virtual Switches are used for creating private networks between Cloud Servers, or rather networks between network interfaces with private IP addresses (e.g.:, 2, 3, etc.).
To allow data traffic from and to the Internet, the network interfaces with public IP addresses are all connected to a single public Virtual Switch, and from that to the Internet.