2.3.2 Upgrade a plan

When using the Cloud Monitoring service, you may find you need a more powerful plan than the one enabled. You can upgrade a plan at any time.

Upgrades are available for all plans except the PREMIUM plan. If you require more resources, we recommend purchasing more than one PREMIUM plan.
Upgrading a plan will not affect any of the checks already set up.

Upgrade a plan by going to the technical datasheet for the Monitoring plan and selecting "Edit" under the name of the plan.
  • A screen will appear showing the "Plan selected" area, highlighting the plan currently configured.
  • Select a different plan and confirm by clicking on "Edit" at the bottom of the page to perform the upgrade.
  • An "Edit monitoring plan" pop up window will appear, asking you to confirm by clicking on "OK, CONFIRM".
As plans are charged monthly in advance, we recommend upgrading the plan towards the end of the month to avoid losing the amount already paid for the old plan. The new plan will be charged immediately when the upgrade is made.