2.3.2 Upgrade a plan

During the use of the Cloud Monitoring service you may find the need for a more advanced plan. You can upgrade the plan at any time.
The upgrades are available for all the plans except for the Premium plan. If you require more resources we recommend that you buy multiple Premium plans.

N.B. The upgrade does not alter the previously set checks in any way.

In order to upgrade simply go to the "Edit" section of the plan, scroll down up to the "Edit type of Plan" option and select one of the available plans.

To complete the upgrade you need to press the "Edit" button,

found at the bottom of the page and confirm the message that appears.

If you decide not to confirm the changes simply select the "Cancel" button.
  ATTENTION: as the cost of the plans is paid in advance before the next month, we recommend that you upgrade the plan at the end of the month, this is to avoid losing the cost charged for the plan you are switching from. When you upgrade a plan in fact you will be immediately charged the cost of the new selected plan.