5.1 BaaS Service (Backup as a Service)

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The BaaS (Backup as a Service) service allows you to carry out backups based on remote images of your virtual Private Cloud machines and it works closely with the virtualization Hypervisor (VMware), avoiding the need to install Connection Agents on the VMs you want to protect. The service lets you backup one or more VM, vApp, vDC or whole organizations. However, we recommend not going beyond the vApp level.

As the technique in place does not use the VMs' network and resource capacity to transfer data, it guarantees the minimum possible overheads (use of additional resources) and maximum transparency.

The virtual machine that enjoys this protection is fully safeguarded, independently from the operating system installed. Given that the BaaS essentially relates to infrastructure, it can be used in addition to Cloud Backup, together with which it offers total protection: physical, virtual and in terms of applications.

The service is based on technology provided by Veeam, the market leader when it comes to image-based backups, and, using a simple Web Panel, it means you can back up the vApps and VMs for your own organization.

You can define the preferred frequency and persistence, and the solution offers the option of recovering either the whole machine that has been backed up, or individual files.

The service lets you restore an individual VM, even if the vApp to which it belongs has been backed up. You can index and search files within the VMs.

The backup technology is directly integrated with the Hypervisor for the Private Cloud service and with the protection mechanisms offered by VMware to guarantee consistency and performance. The fact that the data is stored remotely on external storage media guarantees the possibility of recovery, even when the production storage is completely lost or corrupted, guaranteeing the full recovery of whole vApps.