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1.1 General description of the Aruba Object Storage service

The Aruba Object Storage service is based on the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model and allows you to store and archive all the data that you want without capacity limitations in total safety. Object Storage is API S3 compatible and can be used through common connection clients.

The flexibility of the structure allows you to adapt the service to the needs of the customer in terms of space and performances in real time. By creating various Object Storage accounts you can separate various sets of data for a more optimized management.

The service is available to all those who own a account and allows interaction with the Computing service, with which it shares the Control Panel interface.

The optimized infrastructure of the Object Storage service allows you to offer the service at a convenient price. The customer can choose to pay for the service through a usage-based rate plan (Pay-per-Use) or package tariff plan (quantity of resources to be used in 30 days). For both tariff plans (usage-based or package) both the Incoming traffic and the Requests are free. The tariff plan can be changed at any time by the customer.