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7.1 What are scheduled tasks?

Aruba Cloud offers a useful tool for managing your Cloud Servers: the scheduled tasks. From the specific section it is possible to schedule tasks which will run on the specified date and time on the selected Cloud Server.

There are two types of scheduled tasks:
  • single task - a task which runs one single time on a specified date and time;
  • recurring task - a task which is repeated and runs (every hour, every day, every week or month) on scheduled times.
All the scheduled tasks, be they single or recurring (which have not run yet), can have their contents changed, can be enabled or disabled, deleted at any time.

With the scheduled tasks it is possible to schedule the following tasks on the Cloud Servers:
Type of Scheduled Task Cloud Server PRO Cloud Server VPS
Switch on    
Force switch off    
Switch off    
Edit computational resources    
Create Snapshot    
Restore Snapshot    
Delete Snapshot    
The Control Panel displays the scheduled tasks which have not run yet up to 12 months from the viewing date (both in the calendar view and list view).
The scheduled tasks can only run on Cloud Servers which on the scheduled date and time are switched "On" or "Off" (it is not possible to schedule tasks on archived Cloud Servers).