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7.2 Adding a Scheduled Task

To create a Scheduled Task proceed as follows:
  1. Go to "CLOUD Computing".

  2. From the left menu select "Scheduled Tasks" in "Tools".

  3. A screen like the one below will be displayed. You can display the scheduled tasks both on a Calendar view (with a Days, Weeks or Months view) or on a List view.

  4. Click on "Add New Task".

  5. A modal window will open in which you will need to enter:
    Cloud Server: the Cloud Server on which you want to schedule the task. The list will include only the Cloud Servers that are on or off.
    Task status (enabled/disabled): if you would like the task to be "active" or "suspended".
    Type of task: the type of task you wish to schedule on the Cloud Server.
    Start date: the date and time on which you wish to run the task (the date and time cannot be earlier than the moment of creation).
    Notes: possible comments on the type of task you are scheduling.
  6. After scheduling the task you need to click on "Enter" to confirm and activate the task.
In the "Add Scheduled Task" window you will also find the "Recurring task" box: this option allows you to make the Scheduled Task you are creating a recurring task.

The application does NOT allow you to schedule tasks earlier than 5 minutes. Therefore you need to consider that the first Scheduled Task possible is 5 minutes after the creation time.
Certain Scheduled Tasks may not be successful, in this case it is possible to verify the result in the details of each task and in the Logs of the data center or the single Cloud Server.

The Scheduled Tasks can be created also through the "Display as Calendar" view. By right-clicking on a specific day a window like the following will appear.

 ATTENTION: the Scheduled Tasks CANNOT be scheduled on a time and date which have already passed.