STORAGE > Object Storage > Using a Storage account > Reach the uploaded files via the web

3.3 Reach the uploaded files via the web

After uploading, via a connection client, a file in the remote storage space, this will be available using any type of web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari ...), provided the public permissions have been configured.

With the name of the file, the Region and the bucket it is possible to create, in two different ways, the address of the file:
http://URL Region/bucket/file name or http://bucket.URL Region/ file name
Therefore, if the URL Region were "", the name of the "backup" folder (bucket) and "example.txt" uploaded file would be the following: or
The connection clients use different policies for managing the permissions of the items. An item created or uploaded in the remote storage space may be public or private depending on the type of connection client that is used when creating or uploading the item. All the connection clients described here allow the permissions to be managed so that you can either give or limit access via browsers of the contents which are uploaded in the remote storage space. To configure the permissions see the relevant sections in the guides of the connection clients: