10.2 Multi-IP Cloud Server Pro service guide

With the Aruba Cloud Computing Multiple IPs management system you can associate and configure multiple IP addresses in the network cards of Cloud Servers.

The associated IPs in addition to the first one behave as Aliases, pointing to the same network interface despite the different Public IP configured. The association of multiple IPs to the same network card is indispensable and useful in the case of using SSL certificates on your server. In the same way by using the Multiple IPs service several domains can be made to appear on the same server as if they were on several separate servers.

There are two ways of using the Multiple IPs service on Aruba Cloud Computing: In both cases you need to have already purchased multiple Public IPs to make them available when associating them.

In the first case, after creating the Cloud Server, the network card will already be configured with the associated IPs. If, on the other hand, you already have a Cloud Server you will need to associate the IPs manually configured in the network interface.