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16.07.1 Enabling sound on the Virtual Desktop (Windows) and use it via RDP

To enable sound on the Virtual Desktop Windows and to be able to hear via RDP proceed as indicated (all the operations listed below are to be carried out only on the Cloud Server and not on the local Client):

1) access the Cloud Server via RDP

2) click on "Sound" on the control panel and turn on the "Windows Audio Service"

3) enable the audio redirection for the Remote Desktop section by following the steps below:
  • from the "Start" menu click "Run", type "mmc.exe" and press "OK"

  • a "Console Root" window will open, from the heading "File" click "Add/Remove Snap-in"

  • select the heading "Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration", click "Add >" and then press "OK"

  • double click on the heading "RD Session Host Configuration: server-name" which appears under "Console Root"

  • in the window that opens select the tab "Client Settings" and remove the check mark symbol on the item "Audio and video playback" and then press "OK"

  • for the changes to take effect you need to "Log off" and reconnect via RDP
It should be remembered that to be able to hear sound of the Cloud Server (during the RDP connection) the Client needs to have a sound card and a working audio output.